Applied Visualization

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Note: This article is relevant for students in age group 11 to 14 years

Learning is a tricky thing. Applying what you have learnt to different situations is even more tricky! Natural intelligence is the ability to apply learning from one place to another. In this blog article, we discuss one such topic: Applied Visualization in Mathematics.

What is applied visualization?

Applied visualization is the ability to learn one type of visualizing technique and apply it to as many places as possible. To learn this “learn to learn” method, we focus on the method and try to apply it to different concepts and problem types. This enables us to build an application oriented mindset in learning.

In school, you learn chapters like Time and Distance, Percentages, Ratios etc. At InSharp, you learn chapters on “Methods” which can be applied on these chapters. Let’s take a sample InSharp chapter to understand this better!

I am sharing some snippets from a sample InSharp class. The idea is to explain how we shift focus of learning from learning a topic to learning a method!

Check out this video on visualizing variables as boxes:

After learning "n" such concepts and their applications, we summarize facts to build a process memory for application.

Check this video to get a glimpse of how approach learning works.

These learning activities are followed by practice sessions and performing sessions where we train children to learn to apply the method learnt with perfection.

It is a whole new world of learning aimed at making learning a more effective process for children. You can follow us on Linkedin: and on Facebook:

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