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Why InSharp?

Children face multiple problems in learning how to learn and perform. A team of educators with decades of teaching experience conducted a survey with 2500+ Indian parents and children to discover what problems children faced. Conclusion of research: some common problems faced by children are: difficulty in comprehending, difficulty in performing under exam settings, difficulty in remembering long paragraphs or  steps in solving, inability to build speed, trouble in assimilating volumes of information etc.

The "content" focused schooling and tuition system does not empower children to self learn. This leads to a tendency of "mugging up" or "rote learning" in many children. This in turn makes academic learning a mundane and painful exercise for them. This also leads to a weakened learning appetite and skill development by the time they start preparing for competitive exams in life. InSharp is a two level program which empowers children to self learn and perform by training them on essential ed and health life skills.

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To make self study, self learning and exam performing a less painful process for children; child by child; day by day; everyday.


To create leaders of tomorrow by making them learners of today.

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